Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fuckwit court backs fascist bitches

A fuckwit Latvian Appeals Court overruled a lower court and held that two female associates of a neo-fascist, homophobic and probably anti-Semitic radical nationalist movement were entitled to an apology and monetary compensation because Latvian-American journalist Karlis Streips called them "goats" (kazas) on the air.
The thought police mentality morons on the court sided with the "insulted" fascist bitches.
I hope Karlis appeals this to a higher court, possibly even the European Court of Human Rights. This is an attack on fundamental freedom of speech. The suit was brought by two women who, rightly, enjoy full freedom of political debate to propagate the neo-fascist ideology of their mentor and leader Aivars Garda.
They should be subject to a far, far higher threshold of so-called libel than an average anonymous citizen, since they have made themselves public figures and engaged in rather vehement political rhetoric themselves.
Such a ruling should make a disgrace and laughingstock of Latvia as a country where speech, even extremist speech, zhould be fully protected under the constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.