Monday, August 02, 2004

We pass 260 dead

It could be a low intensity war. Motorist number 260 was killed over the weekend. That makes Iraq a very safe place to be with the Latvian military contingent. They have only suffered one person killed, in an apparent mortar attack. Some folks have been injured in accidents. Let's keep it that way, better yet, let's get the troops out of that hopeless mess.
The government is promising to cut the road carnage, but aside from more police patrols, little is being done. The system of accumulating points for violations seems OK in theory and has netted a couple of thousand violators so far (since July 1). I think what needs to be done is mandatory jail sentences. 15, 30, 60 days, perhaps even a year with no possibility of early release for repeat violators, say, aggressive driving or driving under the influence, leave the scene, etc. It might put a dent in the statistics and the thick skulls of the brainless road hogs.

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