Sunday, July 23, 2006

Video snippets of the craziness in Riga

Here they are:

I apologize for the jerkiness and the low quality. The phone is not a digital video camera, it is adequate at best. The shots from my web cam are overexpose, I used it at my summer house.


Bleveland said...

I just happen to notice the strong Russian accent coming from the crowd screaming "No pRRide". No offence though :-)

Nice impression from the scene. Unfortunately a real low point happening.

Juris Kaža said...

It's reality, man.
My mail is Mail me and I will mail you my mobile number so we can have that beer.

Pēteris Cedriņš said...

Paldies, Juri. Did you get an impression of the mix of the crowd -- I mean, what portion came from which fringe?