Saturday, May 05, 2007

F**k up this asshole's car

Anyone in Latvia reading this take note. This car belongs to an asshole who parked it on a wheelchair/babycarriage ramp (I saw a father with a pram try to get around it) on the corner of Blaumaņa and Tērbatas Streets in Riga on May 3. This is not the first time I have seen this kind of behavior and I have snapped photos before of various other cars. Now I am posting one.

I think it would be morally justifiable to fuck up this person's car, the instrument of a violation of the rights of others to use the ramp. There are many ways to do this, just look up any of the sites on the internet about revenge, etc. So if you see this vehicle, do it some harm, scratch it, let the air out its tires, in fact, fuck up any car you see similarly parked if you can do it without attracting attention. I had nothing that I could use to scratch the asshole's car or I would have discreetly done it.


Anonymous said...

Some money penalty should be used, like 5-10ls.

Dzen said...

kapeec nummuram nav miglinja?

Juris Kaža said...

Dzen asks: why isn't the number plate blurred.

My answer: The people should know their heros

Atbilde: Tautai jāzin savi varoņi.

Martins said...

There are two options:
1) , unfortunately they do ship to Estonia and Lithuania but not Latvia
2) be creative, make own stickers

jem said...

Heres the Latvian version of I park like an idiot:

...and I can confirm that these idiots are a hindrance. Not only do you have to traverse the cobblestones with a pram but having to drag it up and over the gutter because someone only thinks about themselves just makes things harder...