Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A million LVL misspelling of ....skim milk powder?

Note: Small memory failure-- the error was in spelling skim milk powder, not oatmeal.

Another experiment with a late-night recording of a videoblog. Am I getting too lazy to write? All you Latvian-language readers -- please also check out political scientist Ivars Ījabs article.
Maybe it even translates into some kind of English gibberish with Google Language Tools.


Wannabe Sorosieši said...

I add a fear (also mentioned on Latvians Online in conversation with Ojars K.) - the complete dessimation of what civil service we have. Quoting myself quoting Alfs Vanags "This morning I was hunting for some stuff and found an Alfs Vanags report that illustrates what I mean. He was reviewing the LV ESF Operational Programme for HR and employment and wrote, “Overall, the document gives the impression of something that has been ritualistically prepared to meet the formal requirements of an OP but one that lacks real understanding of the issues let alone the solutions. It could have written by a student and indeed might well have been since the Latvian civil service employs many ‘full-time’ students as ‘full-time’ pulic officials.“If this is the level of thinking and institutional knowledge and expertise that 18 years of re-independence gives us to bring to bear on an OP of the importance of that one, what can we trust about the thinking of those who say that they can bring us out of it?" So, though our civil service is sad, we lose everything if we destroy it now.

In certain ways I think that Dombrovskis should "grow a pair" and stand up to IMF et al. And say something like - "Your choice, you either help us now and give us the time, policy tool/analysis help that we need to do this right and intelligently or we choose to default." He should make this statement loud and in public so the ball is passed firmly to the international side of the net. I am incredibly afraid the 18 year olds and political hacks that run this place will just bow and scrape to starptautiskas folks and not stand up for Latvijas tautas.

Tom Schmit

padfes said...

It is ridiculous to speak of a failed state in the current situation. What has happened is simply an economic crisis. Granted, the country has gone from unique prosperity to hardship in a few months but this can in no way be considered teh failure of the State.
The economy wasn't dealt with properly and didn't diversify enough. It is incredible to turn this into some sort of failed state. Even more unbelievable is to compare Latvia to lawless countries like those in latin america or in Africa.
There is no sense whatsoever in being so gloomy and announcing the end of the world when the national economy is facing problems. Latvia isn't the first to have difficulties or to be bankrupt, nor will it be the last.
By being so gloomy, you only increase the likely hood the dark times will be longer. Believe in your country, save money, spend money, invest properly in your own future and you will help the economy to rise again. Latvia achieved a tiger economy, that is no little thing. It shows the country is able and willing to believe in itself.
Hang in there. Good times are not far off.