Friday, July 16, 2004


If you are coming to Riga, consider this. You could leave here with bruises or a cast because of cyclists. They are silent, speeding wraiths who come mainly down the sidewalks, weaving among the pedestrians and giving no warning. When the pedestrian walk lights go on in all directions on certain street corners, they will slash through the processions of people crossing the street. I hear of car-bike accidents, but seldom of bike-pedestrian collisions, though there must be a number, Much as cycling is a good thing when done in a civilized environment (bike paths) by civilized people (who use bells, respect traffic lights as they themselves are non-motorized "traffic"), I don't sympathize much with the cyclists in Riga. In fact, politically uncorrect as it may sound, if one of them is taken out and I read it in the paper, I think of the last time some idiot whizzed a few centimeters past me on the sidewalk and think -- one less!


Anonymous said...

jā mammu!

Anonymous said...

most of these "whizzing idiots" got some skill.
AND they are having fun :)
"F" words & stuff, coming from YOU, are just the part of it :)