Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Week Ahead

The weekend is ending. I drove in to Riga from my summer cottage to do some e-mails, update this thing and the like. Incredible rain, tropical downpour coming in.
The week ahead I may have to make some decisions about changing the terms on which I am working for my present employer, plus maybe getting something to make up for the income lost from the Swedish paper dropping me. There are prospects. Meanwhile, it is news famine here, so I may have to dig up or semi-invent something. I have some ideas, maybe the broadband internet work a Latvian company is doing here to beat WiMax to the market. The TeliaSonera thing has cooled down (all the fuss about a settlement of a multimillion arbitration deal, plus the endless struggle to lift the confidentiality surrounding that agreement). A viewpoint may be in order how this government is re-nationalizing telecommunications.
We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Where's the summer cottage ?

Juris Kaža said...